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Rachel Harris - Working Woman

Every now and then I come across an actor who really catches my eye and makes me look up their past work. When those instances happen, I'm sometimes delighted to an extensive filmography. Such is the case with Rachel Harris.

Embarassingly enough I only first noticed her recently in The Hangover where she was arguably my favourite part of a movie I already really like.  She really gets very little screen time, but for the amount that she is in the movie, she is more than memorable.  As the girlfriend of Ed Helm's character, she is a cruel and disapproving person in everything, really inhabiting the role of "bitchiest girlfriend ever," but she seems to inhabit such an entitlement about the character that it's hard not to worry if that's what Rachel is actually like. (For the record, I don't believe she is.)

Looking her up on IMDb, Rachel has an extensive work history mostly doing a lot of TV.  Notably she was a Daily Show correspondant from 2002-2003 which makes me sad I was not watching the show at that time. (I'm slow and didn't clue into how genius The Daily Show is until about a year before Colbert left to do his own show)

In the commentary for The Hangover, director Todd Philips said that he asked Rachel to dye her hair brown even though she's usually blonde, mostly because Ed Helm's character has to chose between her and Heather Graham's character, another blonde.  But with Rachel's biting demeanor and uber-sexy nerd girl glasses, the brown hair works great for her.

You can see the same look continued in Christopher Guest's recent string of Superbowl commercials for the US Census where he does his Waiting For Guffman thing that he does so well.  She's also extremely funny in these ads, balancing the same kind of absurd reality that Parker Posey did in Guest's earlier films.


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